Far Eastern Peat Company, the developer and producer of complex organic fertilizers — the participant of the SKOLKOVO innovation center. The development project of new generation biologically active organic fertilizers on the basis of peat and cultures of soil microorganisms was recognized as an innovative project with a high potential for commercialization.

OOO ” Far Eastern Peat Company” began its activity for production of innovative peat and bacterial fertilizers in 2015. Fertilizers are produced under the brand name “Demetra”.

The team of scientists and entrepreneurs of OOO ” Far Eastern Peat Company” studies peat and its properties for more than 20 years in order to improve soil fertility.

In 2015, the team of OOO ” Far Eastern Peat Company”, following the current trends of the world market of fertilizers, began to develop a new project “Development of complex peat-bacterial fertilizers of new generation”. This project has successfully passed the examination in the Innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.

In December 2015, OOO ” Far Eastern Peat Company” became a member of SKOLKOVO Innovation center (regulated. No. 1121227).

In December 2016, the company filed a patent application for registration of the invention “Complex peat-bacterial fertilizer” in the territory of the Russian Federation. Production of OOO DTK is appreciated both in Russia and outside the country of production. Export volumes of peat-bacterial fertilizers, peat substrates and other products for agriculture based on peat are increasing every year.

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