• The size of the briquette 8х8х24 см
  • Humidity 3-5%
  • Ash content up to 1%
  • Calorific value


briquettes are packed in a plastic bag of 6 pieces. Package weight 9.5 kg + / – 5 %


solid fuel for furnaces, fireplaces of all kinds and boilers of Central heating systems.

  • do not succumb to the effects of fungi,
  • burn 2-4 times longer than wood,
  • high, comparable with coal, calorific value, on average 2 times more in comparison with conventional firewood,
  • constant temperature at each stage of combustion due to a smooth flame,
  • ash content after combustion 1-3%. For comparison: ash content after combustion of coal 30-40%, wood 8-16%, chips 11-18%,
  • High calorific value and efficiency. In the process of burning fuel briquettes emit more heat than birch wood of equal weight and calorific value close to the values of coal.
  • Low humidity. Wood moisture is about 20-23%, while the moisture content of fuel briquettes is no more than 8-10%.
  • Easy ignition. The briquette easy to kindle. The method of ignition of fuel briquettes RUF doesn’t differ from the ignition of firewood. To do this, you can use paper, thin cardboard and other similar materials or means for ignition. For better burning of briquettes, it is recommended to place them vertically;
  • Safety. In the process of burning, fuel briquettes emit less carbon dioxide, significantly less smoke, do not spark and “do not shoot” as it happens with classical firewood from birch or other wood species;
  • Convenient storage and transportation. The shape and density of fuel briquettes RUF allows you to store or transport 1 m2 much more fuel for a longer period of time. For example, on one pallet covering an area of 1 m2 it can be placed one ton of briquettes RUF;