Complex peat-bacterial fertilizers

Advantages (highlighted by font or icons at the top of the description):

  • protects plants from pathogens;
  • stimulates plant growth and development through the synthesis of plant hormones and soil enrichment;
  • does not have a harmful effect on the soil.

Delivery form

granulated fertilizers are packed in polyethylene bags of 20 kg and in big Bags of 600 kg, fertilizers in liquid form - in coasters of 1 ton or in cans of 20 liters.


for growing agricultural and ornamental cultural plants


Peat-bacterial fertilizer proved its effectiveness in the course of field and laboratory-field experiments conducted by the team of researchers of OOO "DTK" in 2017. Its application increases potato crop yield on 3.9 to 16.6%, tomato — 23.2-45.3 %, cucumbers — 13.7–24.2 %, buckwheat - 26.0–42.8 %. The research results were confirmed by the FSBSI Far East Research Institute of Agriculture and the FSBSI Federal Altai Scientific Center of agrobiotechnologies.



  • structure-forming component;
  • active natural component preserves the biological activity of the microbial consortium and a certain titer of introduced microorganisms.


Mineral additives in the form of macro- and micronutrients are used in doses that allow to enrich the soil with the missing trace elements, while not inhibiting plant growth and vital activity of microflora both aboriginal and absorbed on a peat carrier.


  • converts phosphorus into a digestible form for plants;
  • create a stimulating effect in the rhizosphere of plants and create good conditions of life for aboriginal microflora.