New green revolution

Development and production of innovative products for agriculture on the basis of peat.

Our advantages

Asset 1
Significantly increases
the crop yield
Crop growth by 15-50% according to the results of field studies
Asset 2
your landings
Complex fertilizers contain useful microflora that destroy phytopathogenic microorganisms and stimulate the development of microorganisms beneficial for plants
Asset 3
safe product
It is assimilated by plants better than fertilizers, has no harmful effects on the soil
Asset 4
Convenient form
of application
Available in granular form and in the form of a concentrated solution - choose a convenient form for You
Asset 5
The dose of application is almost two times less than that of mineral fertilizers
Asset 6
Individual selection
of the composition
We can produce fertilizers according to Your requirements and wishes, taking into account the type of soil, cultivated crops and climatic conditions.